Mesmerising live act Madhara plays enchanting melodies, empowered by beats. (NL)

Madhara brings an energising set full of surprising elements from Jazz,
Turkish, Brazilian, and Indian music, all based on the concept of Ecstatic dance.

The bands broad range of instruments bring a variety of sounds which enables the group to bring a super dynamic live experience.
The main goal is to take you on a mesmerising trip through sound, images and movement whilst using the truly magical potential of music.
Let us take you by the hand and you will be happily lost !

Madhara gets inspiration on travels around the world. 
Musical souvenirs are collected along the way, and re-played for you in a high quality live show. Three strong female voices floating on a bed of strings ,
with a beat wil take you far away.

|Jazz | World Music | Ecstatic Dance | Sound Journey |
We start at the beginning, where nothing is everything, and everything is equal.

Madhara “Bridging Senses” – Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds
  • Madhara released its first EP ” Convey” in 2020.
  • Their debut album will be recorded in april 2022.
  • The single “Silenced” got featured in the The hague Songbook, which has been distributed world wide by Challenge Record and Antilounge.
  • The band has been actively playing since 2017 in festivals and venues such as Grachtenfestival, Summertime Festival, Jazz in de gracht, Indie Burn Festival, Ecstatic Dance Gathering, Grounds, Bird , Dizzy, Paard Van Troje and Pllek.
  • Madhara is supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and Fonds Podium Kunsten.

Leah Uijterlinde Clarinet / Vocals
Indra kartodirdjo Violin / Vocals
Angelina Engels Cello / Vocals
Sebastiaan van der klooster Keys
Alex Coulon                Drums
Paul Klarenbeek        Bass / Guitar
Joshua Samson          Percussion
Andrea Renon              Dancer

Compositions by Leah Uijterlinde
Sound design by Savasound