Dutch lead singer and composer Leah Uijterlinde is a multi-instrumentalist with a bachelor in Jazz vocals at Codarts Conservatory. Apart from singing, she also plays clarinet and daf in Madhara. Pop, jazz and even modal approaches from Turkish and Indian music can be traced throughout her repertoire. Leah is the composer of Madhara’s music.

Angelina Engels is a master cellist at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. Angelina is skilled on both cello and voice. Her clear, bright voice brings a light touch to the music. Since the girls have been (musical) friends for a long time, they manage to blend together really well.

Greek drummer Giorgos Pouliasis’ solid beats are the backbone of the band. He is a bachelor student in pop drums at the Codarts Conservatory. His pop background gives the songs a strong foundation. Giorgos is playing drums in some great projects such as Playgrounded.

Spanish bass player Denis Daniel is currently studying jazz guitar at the Codarts Conservatory. Originally a guitar player, Denis is not your average bass man. His bass lines are rich with colorful harmony and sometimes have the explosive character of a lead guitarist. Denis gives great energetic input to the band!

Slovenian piano player Rok Zolakar, Codarts alumni, is a jazz virtuoso with hands that live lives of their own. While his left hand takes responsibility of sub-basses, his right hand takes adventurous routes on the piano. Beautiful voicings and daring solo’s are at the order of the day.

A less conventional member is our Italian sound magician Stefano Sgarbi. He has a bachelor Sonology in the Conservatory in the Hague and currently works as a sound healer. In Madhara he plays didgeridoo and adds an entire dimension to the music through sound effects.